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What is a Magnet link?

A magnet link or also (magnet link) is an identification method for files. With an open standard, you can identify files based on the unique hash values ​​that can be generated from the relevant content.

These are completely different files than what BitTorrent works with, for example. BitTorrent or torrents work with files that can be identified based on location. The purpose of a Magnet link is to easily and securely share files with peer-to-peer computer network users.

What is a Hash or also Hashfunction?

A Hash or also the hash function is a large collection of numbers in small but also large format in terms of range. With a hash you can realize hash tables, cryptography but also data processing very quickly. In practice, you can convert large values ​​to simple input values ​​with a hash function to avoid giving the same output. When you communicate in hash, you will make safer use of your data processing, communication flow and much more.

Use the hash to magnet link generator?

You can easily use this hash to magnet link generator by entering your ‘hash’ and ‘torrent name’, enter your desired trackers or use them from HashToMagnetlink.com. Have you done this click on ‘Generate now’!

And your unique magnet link is generated in seconds.

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